Navratri Wishes 2019

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Navratri 2019

Navratri is known as one of the biggest festivals of Hindu Mythology and there are infinite reasons behind it. The festival is celebrated for continuous nine days and in those nine days, nine different goddesses are prayed.

Navratri 2019
Navratri 2019

Navratri is celebrated for continuous nine days and ten nights and it comes in the autumn season of every year but the exact starting date and ending date is always changed due to the changing position of planets and stars. Also the festival is celebrated in the month of September and October only.

Every year comes with new excitement and this year Navratri 2019 will start from 29th of September, Sunday. The starting day is also called as Pratipada. And Navratri 2019 will end on 7th of October, Monday and the last day is also called as Navmi.

In most of the regions of India, it is said that Navratri and Durga Puja is similar and on that day Goddess Durga arrives on buffalo to destroy all demons. Whereas in some regions it is said that Navratri 2019 is celebrated along with Dussera or Rama Lila. There are many different beliefs and many ways to celebrate the Navratri but the happiness and joy of the festival is similar.

Navratri Colors 2019

Navratri is celebrated twice in the nation according to the Hindu Mythology and both the times Navratri colors 2019 are different. There are numerous ways to celebrate Navratri and every different way comes with different Navratri colors.

Every year the excitement and joy is doubled but this year Navratri colors 2019 will be more bright and different as the festival comes with many happiness and positive beliefs. Despite of having so much diversity, the nation celebrates Navratri with unity; this is what every festival is meant to be, to get unite and celebrate.

Navratri Colors
Navratri Colors

Belief, a very small word which carry deep meaning, belief is what makes people believe in the God and Goddess, belief is what gives many the reason to live and reason to be happy. This belief comes from different festivals and Navratri being greatest of them. Watching different Navratri colors 2019 is a loving thing, this shows that how many methods and how many techniques we have to celebrate Navratri.

Happy Navratri Images

Many of us are not living with our families due to many reasons like study jobs etc. For all of us Navratri is a big festival and not being on home on such a great occasion is definitely heartbreaking for everyone.

Happy Navratri Images
Happy Navratri Images

Rather than being sad we can do many things which can help in contributing into the festival and we can play our role just by sitting far from our families. The method includes sharing Happy Navratri images with our families and our loved ones.

The most important thing which matters is the happiness of our loved ones and the smile over our family members face. Either that smile can be brought by wishing on phone call or the smile can be brought by sending Happy Navratri images.

There can be many innovations one can do with the images so that impact can be doubled for ex. You can select some images of our families with you; that images can be of previous year Navratri. Navratri ImagesChoose those images and write down some message and good wishes and by this way you can design and make your own happy Navratri images. We are pretty sure that those kinds of images will definitely bring a wide smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Navratri Songs

Navratri is a festival which has been celebrated from very ancient time and in our past there were certain songs which our ancestors wrote and they used to sing those songs to impress God and Goddess. Those Navratri songs are still sung by some group of ladies in temples or any other holy places.

The kind of Navratri songs, its language and wordings keep changing as per the region and locations but the one thing which remains same is its happiness and motive. The ultimate target is to impress the God and Goddess and there are no language barriers when it comes to conveying your message to god.

There is a new modern trend which has changed the manner of celebrations of Navratri Songs; there are many bollywood songs which have been released in past some years which also conveys the same message but with a different trend. The method can’t be said wrong as there are no language barriers in belief.

In Gujarat there is a special night on Navratri which involves folk dance and folk music of Gujarat, in same manner there are different ways of celebration in different states.

Navratri wishes

Every festival comes with a motive to spread happiness and love, the joy is always transferred from person to person via humble wishes. With just some Navratri wishes you can turn anyone’s sorrow into happiness.

Happy Navratri Wishes
Happy Navratri Wishes

The power of Navratri wishes is really strong as the other person will have to reply you with same belief because everyone waits for this festival for a whole year and after a long wait it is celebrated with love and joy.

Navratri wishes can be in any form, one can wish anyone over the phone call, with text, with a letter or over face to face. The thing which matters is wishing each other and making everyone happy. If your one Navratri Wish can deliver such a great impact that the person forgets about his problems and starts smiling than certain minutes are worth it.Navratri Wishes 2019

You can add innovations while your Navratri wishes for maximum impact like, in spite of sending text over WhatsApp send voice note in a humble tone. Send some images with the text and write down Happy Navratri so that your emotions can be displayed clearly.

Send some flowers and chocolates with the letter that you’re sending so that the person can understand the importance of your wishes. At the end the only thing which matters is your belief and happiness of your loved ones and happy Navratri to everyone, have a great celebration this year.

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