Nagula Chavithi

Nagula Chavithi

What is Nagula Chavithi?

This is a festival which is known with many different names like Nag Panchami and Nagasasthi, ultimately the name which is most popular is Nagula Chavithi which is a festival celebrated for “Nags” of “Snakes”.

On this day devotes pray for god of snakes and present them milk and in return they accept well being and better lifestyle. India is a diverse country and this diversity has millions of God and Goddess who are prayed for different reasons.

Nagula Chavithi Images
Nagula Chavithi Images

Nagula Chavithi is one of them; the festival is celebrated four days after Diwali in the month of Kartik according to Hindu Mythology and also celebrated in the month of Sravana month in some states like Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

Nagula Chavithi is celebrated mainly by the women for the well being of their kids, on this day ladies keep fast and in return they except well being of their children. Women pray to Nag Devatas and they also offer milk and dry fruit to them by keeping the things around snake pits.

When will be Nagula Chavithi 2020?

India has very diverse culture especially Hindu culture and almost all the main festivals of Hindu Mythology arrive in the month of October and Kartik. With so many festivals aligned in the month of October it will be difficult to celebrate every festival. Nagula Chavithi 2020 will be celebrated just after four days of Diwali.

The exact date for any Hindu Mythology festival is decided with the position of Stars, moons and planets as these celestial bodies are termed as God in Hindu culture. Date for Nagula Chavithi 2020 date will be on 18th of November and day will be Wednesday.

Nagula Chavithi is also observed as an opportunity to make your wishes come true, fasting is known for sacrifice in Hindu Mythology and every sacrifice pays off said by ancient believers. This is the reason that on this day devotees keep fast and they believe that they will be paid off will their wills.

Role of images on Nagula Chavithi

Nagula Chavithi is a festival which is not known to many but there are many who celebrate this festival on a big scale. And for them being home on this festival means a lot but due to some circumstances and situations, some of them don’t make it to homes.

For this kind of situation Nagula Chavithi images play very important role as if you are unable to make it to home this year then you can share Nagula Chavithi images which can help you to get involved in the festival.

Nagula Chavithi
Nagula Chavithi

As mentioned above that on this day mothers are fasting for their children and if due to reasons their children are not at home than sharing each other images can help to share feelings and emotions. Children can also choose a image in which they are together with their mom and write down below Happy Nagula Chavithi which can help in getting your own and self made Nagula Chavithi images.

Share those images and then wait for the epic reaction and we are sure that this will be some of best ways to share your feelings and emotions.

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