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Happy Holi

Happy Holi 2020

Every year Holi is celebrated in the spring season and in the decade year of 2020, this annual festival will be celebrated on the 10th of March. One day before it the “Holika Dehan” will be done which is termed the token to remember Holika (Sister of Hiranyakashyap).

This year the festival of colors will be a bit cozy as winters have not said goodbye yet and using colors and waters can be a bit of trouble to people.

As far as the value of the festival and warm gratitude are concerned it can be covered via happy Holi wishes and sharing happy Holi images with each other as every festival should be celebrated with sharing love and kindness with each other.

A large variety of edible items will be made and enjoyed at home and many regional songs will be sung at different parts of the nation. India being a diverse nation enjoys every festival in different ways in different parts.

Why Holi is celebrated?

It’s always fun to celebrate any festival in India, as being a versatile nation, some festivals hold the nation together and Holi is one of them. The best part about celebrating Holi is that no one asks about someone’s caste, creed, and religion before applying the colors.

Holi has been always known as the color festival of India and is widely celebrated across the nation without any kind of discrimination and that’s the beauty of the nation.

There are different aspects about celebrating this festival but the most likely reason is about the win of good over evil, long ago there used to be an “Evil Women” named “Holika” which was killed accidentally by a small boy named “Prahlad” and concluded as win of good over bad.

The end of “Holika” was tragic as she was burnt alive and hence just one day before the actual Holi celebration some woods are burnt which is considered as remembering the incident.

Latest Happy Holi Images For Sharing Happy Holi Wishes

Holi Images
Holi Images

There are many ways of celebrating and sharing love in this festival and sharing Happy Holi images is one of them. It really doesn’t matter that how you are celebrating but sharing happy Holi wishes is a crucial one.

Happy Holi Images
Happy Holi Images

Celebrating Holi

The festival is celebrated annually in the spring season, the name of this festival of colors has been originated from the word “Holika” as mentioned in the upper paragraph, she was the sister of “Hiranyakashyap”.

The king of a demon, Hiranyakashyap’s son, “Prahlad” used to worship Hindu God Vishnu and his father was against it he was king of a demon.

Hence, the king started to find several ways to stop his son from doing it but failed every single time. At last, the king decided to murder and kill his own son as he was not able to afford more violations and he failed in doing it too.

After trying all the possible ways to kill his son and failing in all the last option he left was calling her sister who was devil too who had a boon of not burning which means she was fire resistant and his brother asked her to take his son in burning fire.

But here comes the twist in the tale, the devil woman who has the boon of not burning to start burning as soon she went into the fire with Prahlad as he was chanting the name of Lord Vishnu.

The whole concept of celebrating Holi has arrived with this tale whose moral came out to be a win of good (Prahlad) over Evil (Holika) and hence one day before actual Holi celebration people burn woods to recall Holika.

The next day morning people visit each other houses and apply colors on faces as a token of love and Joy.

How the festival is celebrated?

Holi is one of the biggest and greatest festivals in India and the festival is celebrated with great happiness and aspects.

This festival is also known as the festival of colors as placing organic colors on each other face is considered a gesture of love and happiness. Also, different types of edible items are cooked at home.

The day is also known for a national holiday and the festival is also celebrated in educational institutions and other offices and preparing a Holi Rangoli design is one of the most prominent ways to celebrate.

Colors play a vital role in this festival and different colors are used in different procedures making it a festival of colors.

Different ways of celebrating Holi

The best part about Holi is that this festival is celebrated with the presence of every family member making it a family unite day or a kind of vacation and the worse part is when anyone is unable to be at home at this festival.

There are several other ways of celebrating the festival despite not being at home and sharing happy Holi images or happy Holi quotes are one of them.

Just pick an image with your family member and post in or share it with a caption of Happy Holi on it which will be some effort from your side to share the happiness on the special occasion.

Sharing happy Holi quotes will work too as there are hundreds of Holi quotes available on the web. Pick any one quote and share it with your family members.

While not being at home nearby friends will play a vital role on this day one can share the happiness of this day with them and can celebrate this auspicious day.

With changing trend and more modernization, there are some harmful colors available in the market with are made up of harmful chemicals which should not be used. Holi should be celebrated with natural and organic colors called “Gulal” which is not harmful.

Making Rangoli on this day is one of the important ways too. Rangoli is a beautiful pattern inspired by natural flowers and other designs, the pattern is made up of different colors and the involvement of colors is the festival motto.

There are several Holi Rangoli designs available and one can make its own design with different innovations as the Rangoli need not look too good or gorgeous, rather than the texture the happiness while making it is more important.

Happy Holi Rangoli designs
Happy Holi Rangoli designs
Holi Rangoli designs
Holi Rangoli designs

Things need to take care

As being a nationwide festival there are several things which should be handled carefully as no one would like to deal with any accidents or misshapen.

We have mentioned multiple times that Holi is a festival of colors and applying colors on each other faces and body parts are considered a gesture of love but we should take care while applying the colors as these colors are not that good for our eyes and eyes should be protected while playing Holi.

Other important measures include rash driving. On the occasion of Holi most of people can be found on roads roaming here and there and celebrating the day and in this case taking care of roads are very important and crucial.

Lastly, there are boundaries for any kind of celebration, things should be done into some limits like consumption of Alcohol is considered too common but having anything excessive can be harmful to itself and others.

Celebrate Holi with and try not to harm yourself or any other. The day should be remembered for good memories, not for the bad ones. Celebrate the day with your family members and friends and enjoy the day.

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