Happy Diwali 2019

Happy Diwali 2019

Happy Diwali 2019

As the months are crossing, we are getting closer to widely celebrated festival Diwali, the festival is known to be celebrated for different reasons depending on the changing regions but the day and date will remain same.

There is no doubt that people wait for months for this great festival and the preparations to celebrate Diwali start many days before arrival. The five day celebrated festival which will be celebrated in the month of October is going to be one of biggest event of 2019.

Mainly Diwali is celebrated because on this day Lord Rama arrived to his home town Ayodhya after defeating Ravana and the people of Ayodhya welcomed their king with lights and Diya all over and after that day this period is celebrated as Diwali which is also called as festival of lights.

Any festival hold importances for everyone and we give are best to celebrate the festival in best possible way. The word Happy Diwali 2019 says many things; the festival comes with a lot of happiness and love and devotes starts preparation many days prior so that they can enjoy the happiness and love on this day.

Diwali 2019 will be special due to many reasons; the festival will arrive just after few days of Navratri which will help in taking forward the same level of excitement and the festival will be celebrated for five days as this time people and devotes are more aware about it.

Diwali is special for everyone and you should make feel special to others as well by sharing Diwali 2019 wishes. Wishing anyone only takes seconds but those few seconds can help in strengthening the bond with that person and bringing smile on the face.

Diwali is a festival of lights, love and happiness and we should share and spread this love to everyone with every possible way. You can also share Diwali 2019 images with each other and spread as much love as you can.

When is Diwali 2019? – Diwali 2019 Date

After knowing the importance of the festival it’s important to know the date and Puja timings so that devotes can prepare the things according to that.

This time Diwali 2019 date is going to be 27th of October Sunday. Just a day before there will be a celebration of “Choti Diwali” which is called as the preparation day before Diwali. Any date of any Hindu Festival changes every year due the changing position of stars, moon and planets as these celestial bodies influence many things in Hindu Mythology.

After knowing Diwali 2019 date one should think about the ways to celebrate Diwali 2019 and the celebration also includes wishing each other as wishing shows your warm gesture to anyone. You can wish each other via sharing happy Diwali 2019 quotes which will be great and innovative way to wish each other.

On this day devotes also look for greetings and blessing of elder ones as sharing Diwali 2019 blessings is always a great thing. If you are blessed from your elder ones and from god then the motive to achieve peace can be accomplished.

With Diwali 2019 there should be some new ways to celebrate Diwali, with changing time and changing era the ways to celebrate should also changes. There could be many innovative ways to celebrate the festival some of them are listed below.

New ways to celebrate Diwali

Try to prepare some new sweets with homemade ingredients which can be really healthy and really tasty. Making sweets at home will help you in learning some new things and spending more time with your family. Also making healthy things and sharing healthy things will result in great appreciations and great change.

Try not to burst crackers this year as almost every cracker are made up of chemicals which results in pollutions and harmful outcomes and hence avoiding these crackers this year can be a new way to celebrate Diwali.

Plan a get together for your whole family, there are many members of the family who don’t live together due to many reasons and circumstances but this year you can plan a reunion of your family and you can try to unite them. Celebrating Diwali 2019 with the complete family will result in unbeatable fun and excitement.

On every Diwali we share gifts to each other but this year you can share gifts with some poor peoples of beggars. It is not important that the gift should have larger pricing value, depending on your budget you can plan to arrange something and gift that to the needy ones. There is no doubt that this will be the one of best ways to celebrate Diwali.

Ways to celebrate Diwali while not being at home

There are many reasons due to which many are unable to be at home on the special occasion of Diwali but still there are many ways to get indulged into the festival, there are many ways to involve you into the happiness of the family.

We should not sit sadly thinking about that we are unable to visit home and missing everyone but sit down and think about the possible ways to involve you into family happiness. There are many ways which work perfectly and we will be sharing some of those methods.

The most common yet efficient way of showing your love towards any festival is by wishing and there are many ways to wish each other for Diwali 2019. You can share Diwali 2019 images or you can go for a face time or video calls which will help your loved ones to understand that you desperately wanted to come on this festival but somehow unable to make it.

To express your feelings you have to share Diwali 2019 wishes with your loved ones and there are many ways of doing it. Either you can go via text message with the help of different social Media accounts of you can give a call to the person you want to wish. Whatever method it is and what ever message it is sharing Diwali 2019 wishes is the most important thing among this all. It’s simple to understand the importance of wishing; if you will not wish anyone then how does anyone is going to that you’re actually excited for the festival? And hence go for wishing first.

While wishing anyone try more innovative and efficient methods to get the optimum results for example; the images that you’re sharing to your family and relatives can have some Diwali 2019 quotes which can work perfectly as filler. While not being at home you should consider every possibility because you want to put your contribution to the happiness of the family.

Sharing Diwali 2019 greetings can also do the work as greetings are itself a feeling and sharing your personal feeling with using some other feeling element can be a great and innovative idea.

Happy Diwali 2019
Happy Diwali 2019

Not being at home at the time of the festival is the worst feeling for sure but you have to be strong and think about how you can make your family members feel happy despite of being there.

Try these innovative methods and add on your contribution to the family happiness and try to reach your home at time of Diwali next year.

Final Verdict

Diwali is one of most loved festival in the nation, despite to having so much of diversity in the nation we celebrate most of the festivals by being together and by being united. This is the beauty of this festival that it binds everyone with each other; there is a different kind of bond and different kind of feelings which is shard during the festival.

Every festival has some merits and demerits and we should celebrate the things by being into some boundaries. Every celebration is good until it turns into harm for anyone we should not make anyone feel uncomfortable with our celebration methods.

Everyone has rights to celebrate festival according to their will but we should not extend the boundaries. Due to excessive crackers bursting there are many animals that don’t come out for food. There are people who cannot tolerate high pitch sound and it becomes very tough for them to tolerant all these things. There are many who suffer from Asthma and bursting crackers leads to air pollution and making difficult for them to breathe.

Overall Diwali is a festival of lights and decoration devotees should mainly focus over decoration and Diwali Puja as Laxmi Avahan and Laxmi Vandana are two most important procedure of Pooja eve.

Adults should celebrate more responsibly and also keep an eye over kids as most of the harmful accidents also happen on Diwali 2019. The crackers are filled with gun powders which are really harmful. After getting into the contact of fire these crackers explode, sometimes these explosion results in many accidents too and hence proper precaution and safety is must be required while using these.

Always keep the safety measures and try to avoid crackers with more gun powder. Have a happy and safe Diwali.

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