Gujarati New Year

Gujarati New Year

Gujarati New Year

India is a country with various cultures and in different cultures, we have different religion and this is the love of the nation that every state participates completely.

Gujrat has almost 1000 festivals to celebrate and also that is why Gujarat is known as “jewel of western India”. Diwali is one the biggest festival in India and it is celebrated in almost every part of India. According to the survey there are more than 800 million people all over the world who celebrates Diwali with complete joy and happiness. Gujarati New Year is celebrated a day after the celebration of Diwali.

When Gujarati New Year will be Celebrated?

Gujarati New Year is celebrated on the first day of Kartik. It comes on the Shukal paksha and Gujarati New Year 2019 will be celebrated just after a day of Diwali and the date will be 28th of October 2019.

Rangolis are also a kind of ritual that has been followed in many places and also a good way to decorate home. In earlier time Rangolis are also used to prevent homes from insects and snakes. But nowadays people use artificial color or strikers just for formalities. Another ritual of the festival is food and clothes, on this auspicious occasion person used to wear new clothes and make good food.

On this day lord Ganesh and goddess Laxmi are worship for the betterment of their homes and family condition. People visit temples and meet their relatives and exchange Gujarati New Year wishes and use wordings like “Saal Mubarak”, which is a kind of sweet gesture in the traditional language.

Gujarati New Year
Gujarati New Year

On this day people worship their account book and some people also close their old account book and start using new ones with some religious symbols like OM and SWASTIK. It is said that on this day people should start new things and new beginnings. Gujarati New Year 2019 can be a great opportunity to close an old chapter and start a new one with new inspiration.

Wish each other and make them feel special.

On this Gujarati happy New Year 2019 don’t forget to share your warm Gujarati New Year wishes as wishing anyone will make them feel. It’s just a sweet gesture to wish each other as this is kind of motivation, this day is said to be great day to start something new and hence sharing your regards can help someone to write a new chapter.

With the help of modernization and availability of many technologies, it’s easier to send Gujarati New Year wishes to each other as you can just write down a text and send it via any social media platform.

For the one who are or will be unable to visit their homes during this festival, sharing Gujarati New Year images with some old memories will be best methods to put in their contribution to the happiness of the family. It is important to be a part of any happiness and you can be part via many ways.



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