Diwali is one of most prestigious and prosperous festival of India of Hindu Mythology. Every year the festival comes with a lot of happiness and opportunities as the day is said to be day of light. It is said that on this day there should be no darkness and devotes keeps the lighting on for whole night representing the day of light.

There are around thousands of festival in India but Diwali is one of most prestigious? Why? This is good question to discuss upon but there are better answers of the question which will be answered here.

Every family starts preparing a month prior for this holy festival as there is huge importance for this day and there are many good reasons behind the importance of this day. One of the reasons is that on this day Goddess of wealth Laxmi is prayed and some says that on this night Goddess Laxmi visits all devotes house and bless them with wealth and health.

This is a belief of the people and this belief gives them the dedication to do something right as there is a lot good and positive things which people do to make their festival celebrated in good manner. And cleanliness is one of them as devotes wait for visit of Goddess Laxmi and hence keep their surroundings clean and sanitized which is a positive impact of celebrating Diwali.

The main reason behind the celebration of Diwali is that on this day Lord Ram came back to their home town “Ayodhya” after killing Ravan who kidnapped her wife goddess Sita. And to welcome God Ram and Goddess Sita his home town was decorated with diyas lights and just after that day every year Diwali was celebrated as being a symbol of lighting day.

On every Diwali people celebrate the day with Laxmi Puja, bursting crackers and lighting their homes and Diwali 2019 will be celebrated on 27th of October 2019 Sunday. Diwali is always celebrated on the night of no moon which is also called as Amayasya as on this night there is no moon and no moon light and people keeps their homes lighten showing victory of light over darkness.

Things Happen During Diwali

There is a long list of things which happen during Diwali as this holy festival is celebrated once in the year and devotes gives their best to celebrate Diwali in the best possible way.

The preparation for Diwali starts months prior as there are some things and changes which require planning’s of months like painting the houses and changing many things in the houses. Also people make sure to keep their houses neat and clean and the process to cleaning whole house is very time consuming and hence devotes indulge themselves in cleanings prior many weeks.

After cleaning and renovations there come shopping because on the day of Diwali everyone should wear new clothes and there is a list of festivals which occur near or same day of Diwali and therefore there has to be a lot of things which is required to purchase. Then there are many things which help your home in looking more clean and beautiful like some decorating stuffs which are also needed to be purchased. Shopping is important for the festival and shopping for Diwali is also time consuming and people start preparing for the Diwali shopping weeks prior for the best possible outcome.

After that there are sweet dishes which have to be made before Diwali or either people purchases sweet dishes which are also used to gift each other and same sweet dish is presented to the god and goddess which are prayed on the night of Diwali.

Then comes the day of Diwali on which people wake up early, takes bath and they dress in new clothes. After that the whole day is spent in the preparations for the evening Puja. Once the Puja is done then people go for bursting crackers as it is said that on this day bursting crackers shows the removal darkness.

But on this day people should not burst crackers as this leads to a lot of pollution. The reason behind bursting crackers is that on burning crackers emits lights and on this day there has to be greater lighting everywhere. But a single cracker produces noise pollution and air pollution as the crackers are made up of chemicals.

And hence we suggest that on the day of Diwali please use as much Diya as this is the best way to produce more lighting.

Best ways to celebrate Diwali at Home

Any festival holds different importance for any person and there are different ways to celebrate festivals for everyone. Some like to celebrate it with lights and candles only and some like to celebrate with a lot of crackers.

And then there some ways to celebrate Diwali depending of different circumstances like staying at home or not and having time to do several things or not. We will share all the possible ways to celebrate Diwali which help you to get the optimum fun and happiness depending on your circumstances.

Best way to celebrate Diwali when you are at your home is to spend time with your family and indulge yourself in the Diwali Puja. It is said that on this day every family should do the Puja together as this helps the family to be in unity and quality time with each other.

After the Puja you should visit your neighbor’s place and other relatives with Diwali gifts and sweets as this will help you to strengthen your bond with each other. Also sharing love and happiness with each other is always a great thing.

Then comes the situation when you are not at your home, in this case the first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself and your will to do everything by your own. Staying away from your family doesn’t mean that you cannot indulge in the family happiness. Share your love and care via different social media platform like sharing the happy Diwali images via whatsapp and Facebook.

After that go for the Diwali Puja and do all the necessary methods by your own, no one has said that Puja cannot be done alone in fact doing the Puja alone will be more efficient as you will be open and clear with your wishes and your methods. While doing the Puja the alone you will not fear that who is watching you and who is not you will be lenient and happy.

Then there comes another important question that which god has to be prayed on the Puja of Diwali? Staring from the core, Lord Ganesh has to be prayed first as according to the Hindu Mythology Lord Ganesh is required to pray first before any Puja due to some past and ancient stories Lord Ganesh got this appraisal.

And Lord Ganesh is prayed with goddess Laxmi, there are clay statues available in the market which has combined statue of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi.

After that Goddess Laxmi is prayed alone and there are Laxmi Aarti and songs which are sung as performing the Laxmi Vandana which means inviting Goddess to the home, devotes request goddess Laxmi to visit the home and lighten the home with health, wealth and kindness.

There are many other God and Goddess which are also prayed on the Puja Eve but the above mentioned two are important. All the other Puja methods depend on the person as there are many ways to show your love and faith to God and Goddess.

Why do we celebrate Diwali?

The best part in any festival of Hindu Mythology is that there is a reason and story behind any celebration and there are different stories and reasons behind celebrating Diwali. The stories changes as per the changing region.

Starting from the topmost part of India, in the northern region, Diwali is celebrated because on this day Lord Rama killed and defeated Ravana and returned to his home town Ayodhya and on his welcome, the people of Ayodhya enlighten the whole city showing the victory of Light over Darkness.

The western part of India has a story of Lord Vishnu (who is said to be one of most important god among the three main Gods of Hindu Mythology) killed and defeated the demon king Bali and sent him to the nether world.

The bottom part of the India or southern part has a story that on this day Lord Krishna defeated demon Narakasura as being symbol of victory of good over bad and hence they believe that this day is special for then and hence they celebrate the day as Diwali.

Despite of being so much of diversity the nation is always united for good and bad of each other. And despite to being different reasons to celebrate the day, the name of the celebration day is same and recognized as Diwali or Deepawali.

The most widely believed story behind the celebration of the festival is about Lord Rama coming back to his hometown. Ayodhya is a region which falls in the northern part and hence this is one of the reasons people of northern part believe in this story.

There is an important question related to the type of celebration of this day, why people burst crackers on this day?

The answer of this question is very meaningful and sounds practical, the day is said to be the day of victory of light over darkness and any crackers emits attracting lights and this is the reason people burst crackers showing more lighting. But there are many harmful results and demerits of bursting crackers including noise pollution and air pollution. We request everyone reading this to not burst crackers as there are many afterward of it. Despite of bursting crackers go for more eco-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali including lighting candles and sharing more kindness, love and faith.

Five days Festival

Very few know the fact that Diwali is actually celebrated for five days, most of us know the festival with two names for two days which is “Choti Diwali” and “Badi Diwali”.

“Choti Diwali” or “Mini Diwali” is the day before the actual day of the festival; the day is said to be the preparation day before the actual celebration and people do all the necessary arrangements for the big day celebration.

“Badi Diwali” the actual day of celebration, the day of Diwali Puja, the day when every single home emits beautiful lights and aura of faith. All the preparations and arrangements done of the day before is tested and seen on this day. People share gifts and sweets to each other and do Diwali puja and Laxmi Vandana.

Now the point and surprising element here is that apart from just these two days there are three more days of Diwali celebration which is not known to most of us. Below we are mentioning the days which the name of the day and things people do on these days.

  1. Day One- This day comes two days prior to the actual day of Diwali, on this day people clean their homes, renovate their house and all the necessary things to make their homes looks good. The day hole the importance because Laxmi Vandana (which is done on Puja night) is done to invite goddess Laxmi to your home and if you’re inviting someone then you must make sure that the place must look good.
  2. Day Two- The day is also known as “Choti Diwali” or “Mini Diwali”, on this days people do necessary decorations in their houses like making lamps and lighting them, making rangoli( a handmade design made up of colors and sands) and all the other important changes required to make the house look good and magnificent.
  3. Day Three- The actual day of celebration which is called as “Badi Diwali” of “Puja Day”. On this day people wake up early and take baths, they dress up in new clothes and gather for Diwali Puja and Laxmi Avahan and Vandana (the process of inviting goddess with songs and mantras). After that people go for sharing sweets and gifts to each other and at last people burst crackers depicting the victory of good over bad.
  4. Day Four- The day doesn’t holds much importance but this day is called as first day of New Year and on this day friends and relatives visits each other’s house and share gifts. The day is said to be day for wishing each other and showing love and care to each other.
  5. Day Five- This is the last of “Five Day Celebration” and on this day brothers visits their married sisters and they are welcomed with love and great food. This is day is also said to be day to share love and happiness but with brothers and sisters.

These were the Five days which are celebrated during Diwali, for most of us Diwali is a two day celebration but there are still many who prepares for the festival before one month.

Diwali is a series of festival and series of celebration and hence the festival is also known and Five days Festival.

Final Verdict

Diwali is not just a festival it is an emotion of many of us, we all wait for our whole to celebrate the day as we get chances to buy new clothes, and there are many freedom to kids to spend time friends and spending time with families.

Despite to having different stories, the whole nation celebrates the festival with unity and love. There is a Government holiday on this day and people doing jobs far from home, gets the leaves to go back to the family and celebrate.

One thing which is required to understand is that there are merits and demerits for everything we do and celebrating Diwali will also have some merits and demerits. The biggest merit of the festival is a family gathering and we all quality time with our family members and the biggest demerit is that there is a lot of pollution and harmful outcomes after the day of celebration. Bursting crackers and throwing wrappers anywhere is harmful; also many animals are harmed on this day as they feel very uncomfortable with the sound and smell of crackers.

All the things are important and many things should be done in certain boundations, any celebration is good until it generates problems to other. Crackers should be burst only till evening not for late night and if your locality if having any patient that avoid bursting the crackers. Always go for open areas for the after Puja celebrations.

Kali Puja

Overall Diwali is one of most loved festivals for the nation and hence we all celebrate it with love and faith. And with the belief of victory of good over evil and light over darkness we pray to god thanking for all these.

Diwali is a festival of love which should be celebrated with love. Happy Diwali to all.





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