Dhanteras Date, Puja Muhurat


Dhanteras is very auspicious festival and the Puja includes a lot of rule which are also called as Puja vidhi, it is said that people should buy new products or gold and these will reflect as good luck for the future.Dhanteras

The name “Dhanteras” hold special value and meaning in Hindu Mythology, on breaking down the word one can easily understand the meaning of the festival. The word “Dhan” stands for money and wealth and “Teras” stands for the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna paksha.

Every festival comes with different colors and excitement, every festival has its own colors and Dhanteras comes with large variety of options like red, pink, green etc. It is said that on this day people should buy new vehicles and those vehicles are prayed and colored showing different colors of the festival.

It is said that on this day everyone should buy something, starting from a cheap broom to expensive vehicles and gold. Everyone should buy something, as arrival of something new is said to be sign of prosperity in this festival. You can buy anything and then you can upload those images which will help you to stand out off the league.

Dhanteras 2019 Date

The date for any Hindu Mythological festival changes every year and this time Dhanteras 2019 date will be on 25th of October Friday.

There can be many events which can be added in the celebration of Dhanteras 2019 date like Rangoli competition or any kind of speech. Rangoli making is an event which is performed in many festivals like Diwali, Independence Day and many more. Dhanteras Rangoli Design is special one because there are very few who make rangolies on this festival.

Even there are many who don’t even celebrate Dhanteras and then on the other hand there are many who make Dhanteras Rangoli Design on this day. This shows the value of Dhanteras, there can be many new things which can be implemented in Dhanteras 2019 date which can spread more awareness about the festival and Rangoli competition is one of them.

Dhanteras Puja Muhurat 2019

Doing all the Dhanteras puja on right Muhurat is really important and Dhanteras puja Muhurat 2019 will be from 07:08 pm to 8:13 pm. Make sure to do all your pray between these timings.

Also, people do any task with the willingness to receive something in return but Puja and any other festival should not be celebrated with willingness of something. Everyone is equal and everyone gets same time to do something, achieve the things of your own and do all Puja and vidhi without willingness of anything.

And doing the prayer with right procedure and on right Dhanteras Puja Muhurat 2019 will increase the chances to get inner peace and all the prosperity.

Dhanteras Puja vidhi is not very tough and doesn’t require a lot of hard work, there are certain methods and rules which has to be followed and you will be successful in your pray and all the puja vidhi is required to done on the right Dhanteras Puja Muhurat 2019.


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